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Dynamics Software Rental Management provides a strong rental solution for equipment rental companies that gives them a clear and real-time overview of all operational information enabling optimum performance. Dynamics Rental supports the full range of rental activities, for example, planning, quick order entry and availability. All information about clients, products, services, staff, contracts, partners, etc. is recorded and maintained in a single central database. Dynamics Rental drives your operational performance by increasing overall equipment effectiveness, maximizing utilization and driving rental revenue with additional services. 

Rental Management supports the full Equipment Life cycle providing both financial and operational transparency throughout. Manage your own or your customer’s equipment fleet with ease, even if in multiple depots at various geographical locations. Thereby increase equipment fleet efficiency by increasing the utilization rate and reducing any downtime. Every rental equipment provider requires a sound strategy for sustainability and managing equipment life cycle cost to improve profitability. Understanding and controlling equipment cost and equipment revenue is essential, especially given the ongoing threat of small/reduced margins across the Rental industry. The market now demands a Circular Business Model. The complete process starting from purchase requisition all the way to sales or scrap needs to be covered. 

A powerful Asset Life Cycle Management Solution. 

An item only has to be entered in the system once, making it easy to acquire multiple objects with the same default data. Every serialized object will get a unique number in the system, allowing you to record and access the full operational and financial history at any time, even after it has been sold or scrapped. This provides full insight during the entire life cycle of each object, it’s legal and financial owner, where the object is located, where it has been sold/rented and who is currently using it. Depreciation will automatically take place for each object, always giving you the actual net book value. This is also the basis for the sales price calculation if the object is sold. 

Key Features

Equipment Rental

Serial number driven rental is Rental Management at its core
Rental management offers extensive serial number driven rental functionality such as number specific reservation, transport arrangements, switching rented serial numbers, the option to exclude certain days from invoicing and much more. Rental Management makes it easy for the user to quickly determine the best fitted serial number for each job.

Trade agreements / Pricing agreements make order input extremely simple
Rental price agreements can be defined at every level: per customer, per customer group, or even project specific. Tiered pricing is also available of course for varied pricing dependent on the rental period. Pricing can even be based on actual usage of the rented article.

Rental invoicing in Rental Management, endless possibilities
Invoicing in Rental Management is extremely flexible. Multiple scenarios are supported, from the basic rentals per hour, day, week or month to customer specific invoicing schedules and invoice calendars to only charge for specific days inside a rental period. It is also possible to combine rental, sales and service charges on one invoice and you have the choice to invoice rental orders either up front or afterwards.

Easily manage a multi-company or multi-depot fleet 
Rental Management offers the ability to distribute a fleet over multiple companies and over multiple depots within a company. Any movement between companies and/or depots are logged for full visibility of your fleet.

Clear insight into the availability of your fleet
Rental Management provides information concerning the commercial and technical availability of your fleet in a clear graphical overview. Objects can be reserved for both rental quotes and orders. Rental management can also signal when preventative maintenance is needed for specific objects and block time for it. 

The Rental Management fleet capabilities are fully integrated with fixed assets
Both serial number driven objects and bulk material are fully integrated into the fixed assets module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX, offering all standard depreciation methods and multiple posting levels.

Accurate and reliable management information concerning your rental fleet
Utilization rates, revenue statistics, fleet distribution, maintenance cost and so much more can be accessed on multiple levels. This information can be called for an object group, sub-group, customer, customer group, branch, project etc.

Preventative maintenance at the top of your list
Serial number driven objects can have multiple maintenance schedules linked. These schedules will signal when an object needs servicing based on time and/or usage. The maintenance schedule can even generate the work order to perform the work – automating your maintenance flow as much as possible.

Be well prepared
Rental Management enables (preventative) maintenance to be executed to perfection by offering lists of required tools and materials and (work) checklists. Any supporting documentation can be linked and accessed at multiple levels.  The system can even be set up to give warnings in case of special circumstances or specific events that can block the maintenance work from starting.

A clear graphical overview of all planned maintenance
The scheduling overview offers a clear visual of all planned and unplanned tasks per resource. The ‘drag and drop’ functionality makes planning these tasks easy. By assigning resources and tasks to departments and by using the many filter options, you can create separate and personalized overviews so nothing gets lost in the data and everyone keeps a clear overview.

A maintenance history that paints the full picture.
For various reasons, it is important to be able to retrieve the complete maintenance history of an object. Rental Management ensures that this history is available at all times, even after it has been sold. This is especially important when service is still being provided. All information recorded during maintenance can be easily accessed via the maintenance history overview.


Rental Management Business Benefits:

  • Offer Flexible contracts which can be tailored to customer demands
  • Support Multi-location, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-time zones 
  • Reduce order-to-cash-cycle
  • Create visibility across all assets to guarantee maximized uptime 
  • Reduce operational costs and increase Utilization
  • A single point of entry for all asset information (operational and financial)
  • Empower employees by giving them the tools they need, both in the office and on-the-go


Rental Management Functional Benefits:

  • Automates entire Rental process from quote to invoice
  • Periodic invoicing
  • Integrated Workshop and Maintenance
  • Real-Time Graphical Availability overview
  • Mobile Field Service 
  • Financial Cock-pit views
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Flexible Rental Fleet attributes and categories
  • look up the utilization of an item to decide whether to toss it dismiss it, replace it or buy more of it


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